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Proton Vendor No                   : 14379
Perodua Vendor No                : 36369


  •  Mitsubishi Electric

    • PLC

    • Inverter

    • Servomotor

    • Induction Motor

    • Gear Motor

    • Coolant Pump

    • Magnetic Motor Starter

    • Contactors

    • Circuit Breakers

  •  Clutch & Brake, Vacuum Pump, Coupling

  • Isel

  • Ogura

  • Orion - Pneumatics, Spray System

  • SMC

  • TPC

  • Kondoh

  • Hirotaka

  • Lumina - Motor

  • Nissei, Japan

  • Stamping components

  • Fastening systems

  • Ac servo nutrunner systems

  • Punches and button dies

  • Automotive services equipment

  • Multi purpose pipe rack systems

  • Designer materials

  • Abrasive and air tools

  • Cutting tools and inserts

  • Chain and conveyor systems



Morecap Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2000. The set up of the company is specially to tap the dynamic potential in the area of oil and gas, power generation and automotive industries. Current core business is to supply and service of equipment for up-stream and down stream activity.  Type of service that Morecap is capable of offering is activities such as installation, commissioning as well as minor fabricating. Through the company is relatively new to industries, Morecap consists of an experience management group of people with vast experience in oil and gas as well as power generation industries.

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