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Oil & Gas and Power Generation

Morecap Sdn Bhd with associate all over the world is actively in projects including:-

Electrical & Instrument installation.

Commissioning, testing and calibrating of our supplied equipment

Fabrication and Installation Works :

  • Piping & Pipe Spool For Generator Cooling System

  • Thermal  insulation for exhaust stack and steam line

  • Piping and Heat-Exchanger Installation

Refurbishment of Hydro-Turbine Runner and Wicket Gate Servo Motor

Fire Protection System for Power Plant :

  • Addressable Fire Alarm System

  • Inert Gas System Installation

Installation, Commissioning Service & Repair Maintenance Marine Loading Arms


Valve servicing

Pump servicing / alignment :

  1. Pump repair, overhaul, upgrade and re-rates

  2. Compressor, and steam turbine overhaul, upgrade and re-rates

  3. Re-engineering

  4. Material upgrade


Pump Repair, Overhaul, Upgrade and Re-Rates :

Centrifugal pump

  1. Failure analysis

  2. Repair and overhaul

  3. Upgrade and redesign

  4. Weld repair

  5. Metal stitching

  6. Re-engineering of parts

  7. System analysis

  8. Field services, installation, laser alignment and trouble shooting.


Compressor, Steam Turbines Fans And Blowers :

Repair, overhaul, upgrade and re-rates

  1. Failure analysis

  2. Metallurgical improvements and material upgrades.

  3. Re-design and re-rates

  4. Re-engineering of parts ( impeller, blades )

  5. Vibration and roan analysis

  6. Stress analysis

  7. Hydraulic study

  8. Mechanical study

  9. Field serves installation and trouble shooting.


Electric  And Pneumatic Actuators Servicing :

  • perform inspection

  • services and repair

  • calibrate and commission

  • perform periodic maintenance

  • perform maintenance work


We have the capacity to perform:

  • On site Service & Repair

  • Shop Repair & Conversion

  • API 598, API 6D Testing Service

  • Retro Fitting Of Actuators, Gears Operator, Interlocking

  • Extended Drive, Buried Services, Reach Rod

  • Plant equipment installation, maintenance & repair

  • Stopaq permanent corrosion prevention.

  • Aspen aerosol hot and cold insulation


Plant equipment installation, maintenance & repair :

Stopaq permanent corrosion prevention.

    • Onshore and Offshore

    • Rehabilitation and new construction line

    • Under water and above ground applications

Aspen aerogel hot and cold insulation

  • Flexible installation for hot and cold work


Morecap Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2000. The set up of the company is specially to tap the dynamic potential in the area of oil and gas, power generation and automotive industries. Current core business is to supply and service of equipment for up-stream and down stream activity.  Type of service that Morecap is capable of offering is activities such as installation, commissioning as well as minor fabricating. Through the company is relatively new to industries, Morecap consists of an experience management group of people with vast experience in oil and gas as well as power generation industries.

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